Harvest Timing

Real time prediction of crop quality parameters

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Supply Chain

Ensuring food authenticity, traceability and reducing waste

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Rubens Technologies

Rubens is the big data-driven quality and provenance intelligence system for the fresh food supply chain.

With a unique combination of sensors and analytics, Rubens ensures product quality along the value chain and product-specific traceability all the way to the consumer.

Rubens helps increasing industry profitability by boosting product quality and consistency, and by ensuring its traceability along the value chain.

Step 01

Multi-Spectral Sensor & Data Capture

Based on the unique light emission of crops and food items, we collect a ‘molecular fingerprint’ of the product itself, not its label or a barcode.

In real time.

Step 02

Machine Learning Engine

The beating heart of Rubens. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms are optimised for spectral data and the peculiar characteristics of each crop or food. Our models provide prediction of commercial quality parameters such as maturity of fruits or provenance of food enabling optimal handling of the product.

Step 03

Quality and Confidence

 Our quality-based metrics, integrated into complex supply chain systems, provide data points to reduce the information risk and allow for milestone-based payment release in complex import-export controls. Reduce waste, increase consumer confidence and allow for realignment of incentives in the value chain.

Harvest Timing

Harvest Timing & Fruit Quality

Predicting harvest timing is a key challenge to optimise yield, reduce waste and optimally deploy your workforce.

With Rubens you can now monitor the state of your fruit in real time.

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Supply Chain

Securing transparency of quality and provenance in complex global supply chains

Waste and counterfeit in the food supply chain has significant health and financial impacts. Rubens ensures traceability of your products along the supply chain.


33M years of healthy life lost each year and 420,000 deaths are the result of unsafe food. Rubens provides predictive regulatory intelligence to underwriting food safety, deliver on desired quality, maximum yields, proactive supply chain management and optimal payment terms.


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