Rubens Technologies

Harvest Timing & Fruit Quality

Predict maturity and quality parameters of your crops using Rubens hand-held sensor, in combination with our dedicated analytics models.

Assess the maturity stage of your crop in real time and without having to pick or damage the crop in any way. Just use our hand held device to quickly scan your fruit, while still at the tree, and get real time results on fruit quality parameters such as sugars, firmness, dry matter, etc.

We developed and validated models for a large variety of crops, which enable assessing commercial quality metrics in real time.

We have research collaborations with Agriculture Victoria, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, La Trobe University and the Food Agility CRC.

Name Sugar Firmness Dry Matter Internal Colour Acidity Maturity / Ripeness
Stone Fruit

The challenge

Predicting Harvest Timing

Predicting harvest timing is a key challenge to optimise yield, reduce waste and optimally deploy your workforce. With Rubens you can now monitor the state of your fruit in real time and use it as a quantitative measure in the supply chain for optimum payment.

Rubens Technologies sensors capture the ‘molecular fingerprint’ of a crop, which is uniquely related to its quality, maturity and/or ripeness stage. The combination of our sensor and dedicated analytics provides actionable insights on the state of the fruit.