Rubens Technologies

Food Authenticity & Reducing Waste


30% of food produced in the world every year is wasted


The estimated economic losses are more than $1Trillion


About 80% of the waste happens in production and along the supply chain

The Problem

Supply Chain Transparency

Increasing focus on the quality and source of food.

Ensuring traceability and reducing waste are the major hurdles for an efficient export supply chain of perishable food. It is estimated that optimising efficiency to reduce inventory by only half a day could lead to more than 40% reduction in food waste (source IMD).

With a unique combination of sensors and analytics Rubens can monitor quality and ensure proof of provenance of your crop and food.

Rubens’ molecular fingerprint provides data and intelligence about a food product without damaging it (if it’s fresh) or open it (if it’s bottled or wrapped). Data will be acquired directly from the product itself, not a label or a barcode, uniquely linking your product to its digital image. For instance, we can prove the authenticity of a bottle of wine capturing data from the wine itself measured through the bottle.